Saturday, May 19, 2012

"A Boy and his Dolphins"

I woke up this past Thursday to a nice surprise from Dive Photo Guide. They selected my image "A boy and his dolphins" for third place in their Marine Mammals Monthly contest. This photograph was taken on a trip in the Bahamas aboarJames Abernethy's Shear Water. We had many opportunities to free dive with the wild dolphins. The dolphins were were very curious and loved to play with us. The only limiting factor was how long you could hold your breath and how fast you could swim. This was by far my best dolphin experience and would love to return soon.

Check out the first and second images at What a great moment captured on Film by Phil Davison and those whales photographed by Brandi Mueller make me even more excited about my Sea of Cortez trip in August to dive with the local whales.

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Chaz said...

Fantastic and heart-warming!