Saturday, August 11, 2012

Corals Against All Odds in Paradise

Earlier this year, I spent 10 days in Papua New Guinea (PNG) diving on board the MV Febrina and met Ed and Gabrielle Snijders from Amsterdam.  Meeting new people is one of the highlights of traveling for me and we all hit if off great.  Ed is an award winning underwater 3D videographer and Gabrielle a fantastic dive model and PNG was the perfect backdrop.  Shortly after returning home, Ed asked if I would like to work with him and provide images from our trip for an article he was writing and I jumped at the opportunity.  The result is "Corals Against All Odds" that is in the latest Paradise magazine which is the in-flight magazine for Air Niugini (PNG National airline). I think you will like Ed's article focusing on the conservation and rich biodiversity of the PNG waters and my attempt to capture the beauty.