Friday, January 30, 2009

Great Macro Opportunities in the Singapore Airport

My journey has begun and I am finishing up my 12 hour layover in Singapore. I arrived here after a 13 hour flight to Korea and then 6 hour flight to Singapore. Sounds worse then it was as the plane was not full and everyone got their own row to stretch out. That, a good book, movies and Ambien pass the time well. After a 6 hour sleep at the Singapore airport transit hotel, I wondered around the BEST airport in the world. After several trips here in the past years, I finally found the Butterfly garden in Term 3. First I just walked around and took in the over 20 species of butterflies. My Photog urges started so I unpacked the camera and equipped myself with a 105mm. The possibilities were endless and I spent over an hour brushing up on my macro techniques which will help in my first stop of Lembeh. Well go t to go and catch the Manado flight.

Here are some of the shots form the Butterfly Garden:

Friday, January 23, 2009

I started this Blog in order to keep my clients, family and friends updated on my photography, scuba diving and associated travel. I am heading out soon for the Indonesian Ring of Fire and diving around Raja Ampat and Lembeh Strait. It will be my first trip traveling solo as I have always had my wife Heidi along to keep me out of trouble and especially from running out of air. She is like a fish and hardly uses any air so she always has some to spare if that really cool photo opp presents itself. She is also the best critter spotter (besides the local guide). I am looking forward to the upcoming trip, but uncertain how I am going to lug that 150 lbs of equipment around by myself and once I am on location it will be weird diving with someone other than Heidi. She is the best for letting me go off for 5 weeks on my own. I will miss her, but this is going to be an incredible trip with some spectacular photo opportunities.

While on this Trip, I will try to make some posts on this new blog, but where I am heading, there is not a lot of Internet access except in the airports. We'll see how this blogging thing goes, but worse case, I will post when I return or between changing planes.