Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gil's Wild Humbug Creek Jeep Ride

Today I went out with a good friend and fellow photographer Gil Gustavsen ( off-roading in his boss Jeep North of Lake Pleasant to a slot canyon called Humbug Creek. Don't attempt to go out there unless you are an experienced off-roader and have nerves of steel. Some of the trails were so narrow we barely fit and there were several white knuckle accents/descents. In several areas, one false move and we would end up plunging into the canyon. I have been on many jeep tours in AZ, but this one produced the most adrenalin and fun. We also managed to stop the jeep during the trip and hike into the canyon, a tunnel and over an old dam for some photography. Here is a sample of my favorite shots. Thanks for a great day Gil and your landscape photography pointers.